Our data. Open.

The University of Lincoln is making some of its institutional data available to the world.

What is Data.Lincoln?

Data.Lincoln lists all of the University of Lincoln's Open Data; data which is available under licences which allow the use and re-use of the data for almost anything.

Open Data helps to make the world a better place by making it faster and easier to get information, as well as encouraging people to build new ways of viewing, analyzing and understanding data.

Get The Data

Getting our data is easy. Just pick a data catalogue to see what's available.

Publish My Data

If you're part of the University of Lincoln and want to publish some or all of your data, we're here to help.

Find Out More

Research Data

Data.Lincoln stores the University of Lincoln's institutional data. If you're looking for our open research data, take a look at our CKAN repository.

Visit CKAN